The difference in tasting is unmistakable for its peculiar characteristics of color, flavor, bouquet and softness. Specially designed to please the palate of young people and also the female audience, as it is lighter and softer when tasting, and is entitled “Cachaça Light de Salinas”. Today, thanks to its excellent acceptance in the market, it is consumed by any age group.

Handcrafted by experienced, qualified and demanding palates, it undergoes two aging and storage processes using two types of wood: Umburana or Carvalho and the special “Senna Macanthera”. It becomes special because it has proven biological and pharmacological properties, being widely used in folk medicine for therapeutic purposes such as: anti-inflammatory, laxative, antibacterial and also antioxidant.


Due to all these factors, there is no need for many presentations, its acceptance only depends on the tasting of this product, which will certainly provide a state of refinement and unmistakable well-being.


Flowered by Senna Macrathera and intense oak.


Discreetly sweetened and softened by low alcohol content.


Dark, clear and bright golden.


39º (BRA)

40º (EUA)


1l, 750ml, 670ml e 50ml..


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