Known worldwide as the capital of artisanal cachaça, the Salinas region, is located between mountains and cane fields, north of Minas Gerais. The cachaças produced by small producers in this area, contemplate special and specific factors that value not only the drink, but also the environment.

In 2012 Salinas received the registration of Geographical Indication in the Indication of Origin modality, which officially granted the authentication of artisanal cachaça from the Salinas Region. As a consequence, cachaças bearing the “Salinas Region - IP” seal are produced in the demarcated area, following their own rules and rules, pre-established in the Use Regulations, in order to protect the identity of this regional heritage.


The history of Cachaça Erva Doce started in 1979 when João Peninha bought a farm in Salinas and without pretension he produced 400 liters of cachaça until then without a label to send to his friends in Montes Claros to try it out.


Time passed and the friends who normally received 2 to 3 different cachaça, started to order more of the cachaça without label instead of other drinks sent. Neighbors who also became consumers of cachaça noticed that the wood from the Salinas region, introduced in the manufacture of cachaça, produced a different flavor, provided benefits to the organism and left a greenish color.


Interested in always supplying a special cachaça João, he sent the wood used in aging for analysis in Viçosa and it was discovered that in this case, the wood is scientifically known as Senna Macranthera.

From that moment on, João had the idea of ​​starting a company and starting to produce cachaça Erva Doce. In 1996 the company was formalized with the help of a business friend in the beverage business in Salinas. The production of cachaça quickly increased from 2500 liters to 4550 liters, reaching 25 thousand liters.

To better serve in 1998 João Peninha bought a new and bigger farm, increased the cane field and also expanded his factory, starting to produce an average of 1000 thousand liters per day and 100 thousand liters per harvest.

The official launch of Cachaça Erva Doce took place in 1999 at the World Cachaça Festival in the city of Salinas. During this period João noticed that many women made faces when drinking their cachaça, and thought about producing a new drink, developed especially for a new target audience, women and young people.

Then came the Cachaça Erva Doce, its name, it was given to refer to the fennel tea, popularly known for its medicinal factors, in addition to granting a lighter and softer connotation.

In 2009, a survey by the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, showed that Madeira Senna Macranthera has benefits for the body, such as, for example, rheumatism, anti-inflammatory, laxative, bactericidal and antioxidant action. Proving again, the differential of Cachaça Erva Doce, not only a drink, but an ally for the digestive system.

Cachaça Erva Doce, a unique cachaça, with incomparable flavor, elegant and differentiated from the market, handcrafted since 1992 by João Peninha.


An original, special and elegant cachaça that expresses

premium quality and incomparable flavor.


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